SEO and Webdesign Bali

SEO and Webdesign Bali Indonesia have a deep connection. Together they are the base for success.
We also offer the following services so that you are always up to speed with the future.
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Google My Business Bali SEO

Google My Business

We will set you up properly
Configure Google Maps
Products and services complement
Write Posts SEO Optimized
take care of the basic data

Google Analytics Bali

Google Analytics

Recognize visitor flows and behavior on the website
Improve bounce rates
Recognize seasonal visitors
Increase Conversion

Web Design Bali SEO

Web Design

With Astra Theme
SEO setup with min. 500 words
Correct H structure
CTA elements
Structure of landing pages

What can we do for you?

SEO and Web Design are our passion

Our services in detail

WordPress Update

Like all software WordPress need updates for the CMS system. A website has many software tools or plug-ins. These software need to be updated, such as editor, forms, etc.

The installed database must be checked for updates and subjected to a database cleanup.

SEO Optimierung

When creating a homepage, i.e. all websites on the homepage, it is important to comply with the search engine optimization rules of Google and Co. Your web designer, the advertising agency or a friend of the house that makes your website must adhere to these rules if you want to win new customers with the website. If not, you will not get the desired search engine ranking.

Webdesign Bali Workshop


Workshops are good opportunities to work on topics such as the keyword analysis with competition consideration. Your specialist knowledge of your products with our SEO expertise leads to successful keyword research.
We offer training in wordpress, blog successful and SEO optimized writing, instruction for new employees in the company.

Web Monitoring

Almost all activities can be measured in the online area. This helps to use budgets correctly or to set economically uninteresting measures.
In our work, we use a number of important tools, some of which are free. A free one is from Google and is called Analytics. With every website project we install it, a MUST in the online area.

Web Design Bali Report
Web Design Bali Bloggen

Correct Blogging

If you don’t want to win new customers, blogging is easy, just get started and write. However, pay attention to keywords when increasing visibility. Use Keword Analysis to find your terms, what people are looking for on your topic. Then when creating the blog, pay attention to the link structure, alt attributes and a few other topics. We will create a sample blog for you.

Active Online Marketing

A homepage is passive for sales. If this has been optimized according to SEO, the first leads can be generated. Only when the number of inquiries is too low is it necessary to tackle the problem. With active online marketing, a number of measures are necessary to generate good, qualified leads over the long term.
We come from the area of new customer acquisition and are happy to advise. A lot is possible and measurable online.

Webdesign FAQs

What is a one pager?

A OnePager, or also called a single page, is a website with only one main page. All important information is available on this. This is especially intended for small businesses, freelancers and the like who have only one main product. It cannot be used to implement complex structures.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. In order for your homepage to be found on the Internet using relevant keywords (e.g. Google), it must meet certain requirements. It must have a certain structure, the keywords must appear, contain meta descriptions and, above all, be user-friendly. There are also a number of other rules.

What is the advantage of monitoring?

Only by constantly monitoring the behavior and use of your homepage can you find out whether your website can be successful. When and how often is your website visited? How long are users staying? This is only part of the data that can be evaluated.

How can online marketing help me?

Your product can be marketed with a large reach at comparatively low costs. They have the opportunity to get evaluations at any time and can react quickly and flexibly to market changes. You are not bound by opening hours.

Can the OnePager be expanded?

Clear answer: yes. Your OnePager can be expanded with additional subpages at any time.

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